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alex///i take no credit for any images posted unless otherwise stated

i’ve decided i’m going to stop updating this blog, it’s become kind of a chore because i’ve gotten so busy and even though i enjoy it i don’t wanna feel obligated to post on it so often… i’m still going to be on the forum and stuff but i’m not gonna use this tumblr anymore, at least now that the new year has started

i also moved my personal blog to a new account and remade it so if you want i am at hijras.tumblr.com

see ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i DO think the crystal castles community is definitely dying out though for whatever reason, it doesnt feel the same as it did six months ago but that might just be me ????


Hmm well I don’t know about that I don’t see the demise of CC anytime in the near future, they seem to be enjoying themselves so I’m sure they’ll release more singles. There’s supposed to be a new one sometime soon but we’ll see about that